Choreography Night: Battle of the Heroes

March 22nd 2015 marks another important day of fun and thrill when it was once again the day of performances produced by Gigi Art of Dance. Showcasing in the Fine Arts Theater at Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), Choreography Night, or Choreonight for short is a once in a year production by my dance institution in Jakarta where students of the school was given the chance to choreograph dance pieces to be performed and to compete for amazing prizes. Along with a competition, the classes of Gigi Art of Dance also performs a unique medley of dances as well as performances by guest dancers and workshops.


This year there was 14 pieces by over 10 emerging choreographers, including myself to compete in this year’s theme: Battle of the Heroes. As a lover of the arts and especially for dancing, I was extremely ecstatic when my friend asked me to collaborate in a choreography to produce a stunning dance piece. It was my first time to ever create a dance piece, let alone having to teach them to other dancers.

My friends and I picked our team members consisting of 8 dancers making our team to be called Infin8. After a few meetings, we agreed to create a piece based on our favorite dance genre of contemporary yet fusing with our recent learning of a traditional dance from West Sumatra called Tari Piring and Tari Rantak. 

Due to the “heroes” theme, we want to relive a memory of one of our nation’s heroes named Tuanku Imam Bonjol. He was also from West Sumatra, bringing the nation together in a fight for peace against the colonization of the Dutch. The infamous war that initialized by the conflict of religion and leading to the fight of colonization led by Imam Bonjol was called Perang Padri or Padri War.

After working for a good 3 months filled with sweat, tears, time management issues, awaken nights and arguments Infin8 finally finished their piece called Unite Freedom. We pulled off which I think was an amazing costume, great efforts on the choreography and built of friendships for this event.

Infin8: Amira, Tita, Fida, Cindy, Gisha, Nastiti, Arini, Yusti

Dutch army, Indonesian warrior and Tuanku Imam Bonjol

Infin8 performing on stage at Fine Arts Theater, Jakarta Intercultural School

With the amount of time I spent with these talented dancers, I’ve grown to love each and one of them. We went on stage proudly, not wishing to win the competition, but to go on stage proving that we belong there. Proving that we love to dance and we have fun doing it.

Broadway Jazz

Other than competition, students enrolled in Gigi Art of Dance (GAoD) also performs that night. My class, Broadway Jazz had our own special performance inspired from Aladdin Broadway Musical choreographed by Ms Gigi herself. About 12 broadway girls became Princess Jasmine dancing to Arabian Night. It was one heck of a performance with one of the best costume and dance piece 💜

Arabian Night by Broadway Jazz girls

How it feels to be Princess Jasmine 👸 

Stunning costumes

Contemporary Jazz

I attended this class only since December 2014, and it has always been one of my dream to learn a contemporary dance. When I finally join the class, I was thrilled to be learning what I feel was the best contemporary piece ever. My love for contemporary grew everytime I watch the dancers move filled with such huge emotions. And this is exactly what I feel about the piece made by Ms Gigi using the song Mermaid by my favorite and one of the most talented Malaysian artist, Yuna. The full of emotions piece with flow that compiles into one stunning choreography completes my curiousity about learning a contemporary dance. We danced this piece for about 2 minutes in the medley of classes. I also honestly feel that I have improved a lt as dancer through this piece because I was able to apply big technical motions throughout the choreography and I am proud of myself for that.

Big technical motions

Stunning choreography of Mermaid by Yuna

This Choreonight marks another achievement and experience done by a proud modest dancer 😊


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